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Maneet Chauhan On The Wonderkids Of Chopped Junior And The Future Of Indian Food - Exclusive Interview

Chef Maneet Chauhan spoke to Tasting Table about some of her amazing experiences on Food Network shows and how aspiring chefs can get into Indian cuisine.

The Best Rim For Your Pineapple Margarita Isn't Salt

Pineapple margaritas are great for a night on the patio with friends or at a nearby beach bar. If you're making them yourself, try out this rimming mixture.

Dominique Crenn Tells Us What It Was Like To Teach Ralph Fiennes To Cook For The Menu - Exclusive

Dominique Crenn served as the culinary advisor on the new film "The Menu." She tells Tasting Table what it was like to teach Ralph Fiennes to cook.

Tasting Table Asks: What's The Best Wine And Cheese Pairing?

In a Tasting Table poll, we asked readers to pick their favorite wine and cheese pairing. Our results will tell you what's likely to be a hit at your next bash.

Why Dining In Is Just As Great As Dining Out, According To Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone believes there's just as much to love about eating in as there is in dining out. He told Tasting Table how to get the most out of your home.

The Liz Truss Vs. Lettuce Stunt, Explained

On Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022, Liz Truss ended her very short tenure as Britain's Prime Minister. Here is more about the stunt that pitted Truss against lettuce.

What Makes Ina Garten's Favorite Hamptons Bakery Special

According to celebrity chef Ina Garten, her favorite Hamptons Bakery is special as a result of one particular quality found in all of its products.