O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

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O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

Mensagem por Gigas em 03/02/13, 04:26 am

Old news, mas só vi agora:

Japanese game makers discuss strategies for 2013
January 9, 2013 / 12:36 AM EST / Sal Romano (@salromano)

They’re doing it again. Famitsu this week has a feature including interviews with all of the biggest game publishers and developers on their strategies for 2013. Each publisher was asked three questions. Find their answers below.

1) Keywords for 2013.
2) What will your company do?
3) Other.

Square Enix
1) Shift to online service.
2) Preparing to establish MMO and social games and strengthen IPs.
3) Expect a lot of packaged software and online mobile titles.
(Oh, god, no no no, 2014 a empresa entra nos eixos =( )

Idea Factory
1) We want to liven up the game industry with players.
2) We our investing our energy into multiple titles for home gaming.

Aqua Plus
1) Break boundaries! We want to break down the limits together with everyone and go beyond.
2) Challenge new things, even try challenging a new platform, as well as put our best efforts towards titles already announced.

1) Reform.
2) We want to expand the Atlus brand on various stages like media mix, collaborations, etc. (SMTxFE, tá explicado)
3) Expect development of a new Devil Survivor 2 game project. (Aguardo ansioso!)

1) We want it to be a year of development
2) As a subsidiary of Tecmo Koei, we want to further improve our existing series while also challenging new IPs.

Kadokawa Games
1) New challenges.
2) To be completely new.

1) No answer.
2) No answer.

Tecmo Koei
1) Nobunaga’s Ambition 30th anniversary. A new challenge.
2) To become the number one entertainment content provider in the world. (They touched on Yaiba a little, but platforms are still unknown. Toukiden was not touched upon.)

1) One new amusement after the other.
2) It’s “top secret,” so it’s not possible to say.

Spike Chunsoft
1) Want to challenge everything and do an unexpected title.
2) Of course we want to grow our existing IP. Also, we want to do our best to localize games in the west. There are a number of new projects just before announcement. There is also a movement to make an anime from the Dangan Ronpa series.

1) Leap year.
2) A wide range of completely new series, net games, etc. Attract consumers in both the home and arcade games market.

Sony Computer Entertainment
1) A year of great laughter! I think people around the world will smile and be cheerful.
2) The PlayStation platform will expand.

D3 Publisher
1) Unexpectedness.
2) Ambitious new works.

Nippon Ichi Software
1) Challenge and improve.
2) We want to reflect on the drastic things we did as a medium sized company, and raise our abilities. July 12 is our 20th anniversary festival. There is a game that’ll be a consumer version of ZX. Hardware is undecided at the moment.

Nihon Falcom
1) The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki will be released. The Kiseki brand will see a boost.
2) We want more people to know and play Falcom games. (Good Very Happy )

Microsoft Japan
1) We want existing and new users’ fun to be tied together and spread out across the year.
2) Xbox will create new values that strengthen the brand. Windows 8 and Smart phone coordination is planned. Expect a year where users cannot turn off the Xbox.

1) No answer.
2) No answer.

Namco Bandai
1) Challenge! Evolution! Growth!
2) Develop without being seized by platform or form.

1) Even more user expansion and Asian development expansion.
2) Science adventure games are our focus, our core layer, with the exception of sound games. We want to develop original content for multiple platforms especially ports for iPhone.

Platinum Games
1) Fight the world as a Japan representative.
2) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2. Although it can’t be shared with the public yet, the action which leads to the following step has already been taken.

From Software
1) New challenges and hangups.
2) It’s Dark Souls 2 development year. There are also plans for a new topic.

Bethesda Softworks
1) Zwei.
2) Zwei.

Marvelous AQL
1) Go further.

1) We’re aiming for success in new business involving social games and smartphone games, etc.
2) Fantasy Life is already on sale, but from hereafter it’ll be the first of a larger series, I’m thinking of plans for the next one. I want to liven up the entertainment industry as a whole.

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Re: O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

Mensagem por Akiha em 04/02/13, 01:15 am

Sabe o que achei estranho nessa geração? as produtoras pequenas deram uma surra tremenda nas grandes e famosas, foi praticamente uma 10 x 0, quem gosta de Disgaea, jogos da Ideaf, Gust, Banpresto e etc, não tiveram do que reclamar, eles lançaram muitos títulos legais Smile

a Square Enix também lançou alguns jogos bons, mas só vi essas duas trabalhando com jogos legais mesmo, o resto foram joguinhos mais ou menos, falo da geração atual, e já vamos mudar de geração, espero que o Ps3 tenha uma sobrevida, agora é que os jogos interessantes estão chegando, eu espero Mugen Souls Z :P

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Re: O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

Mensagem por hawk666 em 05/02/13, 02:28 pm


Só isso já me basta. Falcom, eu te amo.

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Re: O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

Mensagem por djcoston em 07/02/13, 09:02 pm

Capcom: no answer
Square: Expect a lot of packaged software and online mobile titles.
Essas empresas deveriam se juntar para montar um circo talvez!

As outras que a Akiha citou vem ganhando destaques, pelo menos no mercado japa.
A Atlus agora tem a parceria com a Nintendo, vamos ver o que sai disso...

E porra, Sen no Kiseki chegou a ressucitar o Tomio!

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Re: O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

Mensagem por Hazuki em 11/02/13, 05:57 pm

A posição da Square Enix não me anima muito, mas ainda bem que o lado Ocidental da mesma não está assim tão decepcionante. Esse ano pra ela aguardo o anúncio é de que o Versus XIII foi pro PS4, o que me deixaria pucto, mas que enfim confirmaria o motivo de tanta demora pra lançar um jogo.

E também concordo com a Akiha, e a Falcom entra como outro exemplo. Eles possuem capital e recursos mais modestos, mas fazem por muito a alegria de nós fãs do conteúdo japonês. É claro que isso também não seria possível sem o auxílio daquela paixão chamada XSEED Games.

Para 2013 o que eu quero é mais sobre "Xenoblade 2" e já fico bastante satisfeito.

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Re: O que esperar das empresas japas em 2013

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